By  Alex R. Fortes     Thursday, January 12, 2017  
Hi there! Welcome to CRØSS GAMES! Sounds big, sounds epic, sounds like a... small indie dev studio. Well, that's what it is!

I'm Alex, its founder, and also a videogames translator and tester. Nice to meet you! After a while working in amazing games... made by others, I felt the need to try and do my own thing. That's how we ended up here! You will find links to my released games on the right (Justice Bear: Equinox so far. It's free, give it a look), and I will try to fill the blog with interesting stuff about what I'm doing.

And that's it, I'm glad you joined the journey! Feel free to follow me on Twitter, it's always easier to keep in contact there. Enjoy the site and thanks for your visit!

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